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Avenatti pleaded not guilty. The day after the government handed down the indictment, Avenatti sat across a table from me in an appropriately all-glass building on Santa Monica Boulevard. He was dressed in his usual custom suit, even on a warm, sunny Friday afternoon, with no plans to set foot in a cable-news station or courtroom, or in front of a podium for a press conference.

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Typically, he was his own media strategist. During the interview, Avenatti cried on four separate occasions, including when he talked about the call he made to his mother after he was arrested. There is no question that Avenatti has been living his life by the sword for the past year. And for a while, for many Democrats, he was an unlikely hero, a Resistance warrior the moment required.

Robert Mueller, fastidiously doing his work in private, respecting norms, keeping his mouth shut, decently, diligently playing his part, was a man from a different era, however much faith Democrats put in him. And as they waited for Mueller to do his work, many at least entertained the theory that defeating Trump could mean becoming more like him, fighting him on his own terms and feeding an insatiable desire for publicity.

Like the president, he understood that politics, and making money, were media games. And where Michelle Obama counseled to go high, Avenatti, by analysis and instinct, went low. He mirrored the president in his easily wounded, rageful narcissism. And, as we have learned about Trump, as much as Avenatti dreamed of great, ceaseless notoriety, living his life completely in public, he had much he needed to keep hidden, too.

In her book, Full Disclosure, published last fall, Stormy Daniels described her first meeting with Avenatti, in February That attorney, of course, was Avenatti. Avenatti himself has always been uncharacteristically reticent about how he met Daniels, citing, not terribly believably, attorney-client privilege. At the time, Avenatti was not, by any means, a junior attorney. Avenatti is highly skilled at that game. The case earned him his biggest media coup yet, an appearance on 60 Minutes, where he was interviewed at length by Anderson Cooper. The case was a potent, addictive mix of moral fervor, raw aggression, fame, and wealth, and it put him on the runway for his takeoff the following winter.

But in other ways, Avenatti was on the brink. His second wife had filed for divorce in January. Avenatti disputes the claims in her filing. By that time, the I. The settlement had come through to Avenatti. But instead of transferring it to his client, the complaint alleges, he put the money into his own account. When his client repeatedly asked Avenatti when the money would come in, he allegedly lied about the fact that it already had, in fact, been paid to him.

Flying Too Close To The Sun

He has pleaded not guilty to the charge. As much as anything, the Stormy Daniels case was a way of shifting his personal narrative, leaving behind the morass of his marriage and his finances. Avenatti quickly realized that the case could be greater than the sum of its parts—ethically, politically, financially. I saw that as an opportunity to do something that was just, that was right, and to basically go all in. It was his skill set and his strategy, Avenatti explained, that took her case from what could have been a two-day story and turned it into a case cable-news hosts chewed over night after night, week after week, month after month.

Daniels denied repeated requests to be interviewed for this story. On March 6, , he filed a lawsuit against the president of the United States on behalf of Daniels in a California civil court, seeking to void the non-disclosure agreement prohibiting Daniels from discussing her supposed affair with Trump. The following morning, he appeared solo on Today, kicking off a flurry of interviews that would keep him in green rooms and on cable-news sets and shuttling from one studio to the next in black cars for weeks.

From a virtual unknown, Avenatti became one of the most famous people in America, a cable-news pugilist who was actually going toe-to-toe with the president and drawing blood. For a while, it spun faster than anyone, including Avenatti, could control. He berated Time magazine after it published a story quoting him saying that the next Democratic nominee would likely have to be a white man, demanding that the publication release the transcript of his interview.

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I fucking blocked that motherfucker. Behind the scenes, his behavior was even more volatile. Why the fuck would you do that? Last spring, a print outlet published a story that called into question whether Avenatti had paid someone for information that would have helped his client.

His temper often flared when producers and bookers tried to vet stories he was involved in. Police were called to settle the situation. Miniutti posted a photo of them together on Instagram, with a drawing of a little white heart between the two of them. Like many people with rage issues, Avenatti can swing just as fast in the other direction. She was 23 at the time and out with a girlfriend when the lawyer, then 46, approached her and asked her to have dinner with him. After a few weeks, she was essentially moved into a luxury high-rise in Century City.

They traveled in Europe for a few weeks in November and he offered to pay her rent and about a thousand dollars in spending money each month. Avenatti said that his financial support far exceeded that amount. She turned up in ripped black jeans and dainty silver rings on five of her fingers.

She had a mess of blonde hair pulled back by the black sunglasses she kept on her head for much of two hours and Jessica Rabbit lips that quivered as she detailed what she called a year of verbal, psychological, and physical abuse.

Avenatti has denied ever physically harming anyone. By the spring, months into their dating, she told him she was thinking about getting a waitressing job. I could be the next president of the United States.

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We could celebrate my 50th birthday in the White House. Avenatti denied telling Miniutti that she could not wait tables. Miniutti rarely knew which Michael she would wake up to, she said. I saw people who would shake his hand. They respected him. I wanted to be a supportive partner, so I let it slide off … but I felt really scared when I would see one side of him, then the other, within a half-hour period.

Up and down, up and down. It was not until February, four months into their dating, that she said he became physically abusive. It was his birthday, and he had wanted to spend the night before going out with a friend who was in town. She went out separately with her friends, and when Avenatti returned to his apartment and saw that she was not yet home, he texted her, asking where she was. She said she told him that she would be home in an hour. When she got there, she said she could tell that he was drunk.

She had been drinking, too, and he laid into her. When she got up to leave, she said, he literally threw her out the door into the hallway, where she hit her head on the wall. He did, though, she said.

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By early November, she had maxed out her credit card. She took a shower, put on a T-shirt and underwear, and got into bed. He also said that she had recently started taking Accutane, an acne medication he said could cause emotional distress. She said she had only been taking the drug for two days and had no problem with it whatsoever.

She was drained by the time Avenatti got home from drinks with a friend, but she told him she thought she needed to work more.

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She had been embarrassed having to ask for gas money, and she never wanted to feel that way again. Non-Fiction Non-Fiction. Young Adults. Alice in Wonderland. Illustrated by Charles van Sandwyk. Tales of Ancient Egypt. True Grit. Limited Editions. Letterpress Shakespeare. Low Stock.

Too Close To The Sun Too Close To The Sun
Too Close To The Sun Too Close To The Sun
Too Close To The Sun Too Close To The Sun
Too Close To The Sun Too Close To The Sun
Too Close To The Sun Too Close To The Sun
Too Close To The Sun Too Close To The Sun
Too Close To The Sun Too Close To The Sun
Too Close To The Sun Too Close To The Sun
Too Close To The Sun

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