The Story of Me a Black Nurse

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In , with the help of a government program called New Step, Lewis was able to complete her certified nursing assistant training and started working at Memorial Medical Center. Search Nursing Schools Now. Finally, Faye was immersed in a hospital setting and was surrounded by her role models - Registered Nurses.

This environment solidified her desire to become a Registered Nurse and she knew she had to continue her education. In fact, during the day of her board exam she also had a KFC Manager meeting - she completed her exam and rushed to her meeting. She soon learned that she, indeed, had passed the boards!

With her new degree came new responsibilities and a nice pay increase but, she still wanted a better life for her family. At the time, she hardly paid the comment any mind. My mom made it out alive just by a miracle of God. Faye experienced great anxiety and sadness during this time. She was also met with overwhelming support from her family and co-workers at the hospital. Many of her coworkers donated their PTO to her - so she could have adequate time to grieve. Such tragic death, all at once, is hard to even imagine - much less, live through.

Some people may have given up. But not Faye. I prayed a lot and asked God to guide me.

The Story of Me a Black Nurse By Diane Jones RN

She worked as an LPN during the day and at KFC during the evening - all while going to school, raising her young son, and grieving her lost family members. But, nothing could hold her back and she obtained her ADNin In the video, nursing staff repeatedly start and stop doing CPR on Dempsey.

Harris says once you start doing CPR, it should not be stopped until a doctor makes the decision not to resuscitate. The nursing home operators, owned by Sava Senior Care, declined interview requests. The facility recently was deficiency-free during our recent annual inspection conducted by the Georgia Department of Health on May 25, The nursing facility was made aware of the video in November , but according to state inspection reports, the nursing home did not fire the nurses until 10 months later.

Reading these type of stories is incredibly difficult, when you consider the life a man like James Dempsey led and the horror of the last few moments of his existence. White America, this is your future. I had actually read this story earlier in the day.

The thought of being in a nursing home with blacks tending to me is anathema. On the previous story about the man being murdered in Baltimore, I asked the question, "When will people learn? There's been tons of stories and videos of patients being neglected and even beaten and tortured by these vile creatures as they target the weak and defenseless to get their kicks. That being the case, when my elderly mother became seriously ill with a chronic illness, my siblings and I NEVER considered putting her in a nursing home especially since she lives in a city that is absolutely infested.

Even on the occasions that she's had to go to a nearby local hospital and stay for a few days each time, someone's stayed with her constantly because the hospital is infested with worthless negroes as well. We know better than to leave our mother to their "tender mercies" and know what kind of "care" she'd receive when no one was watching or monitoring everything. Additionally, a life long neighbor of my mother is also elderly and now bedridden but her kids take care of her at home as well.

They know the score too. No negro home health care providers are allowed in either home as it's well known they'll steal like bandits if they have the chance. Smile in your face and stab you in the back is their unspoken motto. If the poor man in this story had been someone in my family…. However, my disgust at the lying negro claiming to have done everything to help the patient fills me with utter contempt but her lies don't surprise me in the least.

Again, what's that old saying about "content of character" that negroes like to quote so much? Here's that character on full display and it's not an exception but rather the rule. Pat seems to discount the Khazarian hypothesis, namely that Ashkenazi Jews are mostly not descended from the Old Testament Jews, but from an Asiatic tribe that converted to Judaism in the seventh century. I have seen reports of DNA studies that support this theory.

I know Dr Kevin MacDonald doesn't support it, but he has a vested interest in showing a direct evolutionary development from the ancient Jews to today's. We also need to differentiate between evolution and mutation. Mutations are one agent of evolution, but not the only one. It's not necessary to introduce new SNPs to achieve that. Predicting how long it would take to breed the black Einstein which Stephen Hawking came to Africa to seek a few years ago — unsuccessfully, alas is hopeless. Especially if you're relying on mutation; mutations are by their nature random, and more often deleterious than advantageous.

These things are feral animals and should be regarded as such. Where is one ounce of humanity in that black beast? I could have told him not to hang around there, but liberals have to find out about blacks on their own. I hope he learned something as he was roughed up a bit. How long will this Negro Plague run amok? When will White Males defend all that is sacred in our country as our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers did?

I shudder to think what the future holds for all innocent white lives in this Nation…. She had no idea it was filmed did she. Arses so big the room goes dark if there's more than two boons in there at once. James Dempsey survived World War II only to die an undignified and painful death in the "care" of these lying black sacks of shit. He fought valiantly to protect their freedom and they used this undeserved freedom against him. For centuries, East Asians were isolated and comfortably convinced of the superiority of their own civilization and culture.

Now they are forced to make sense of their place in what is essentially a white mans world. Anybody who thinks these folks are perfectly happy about this is naive and ignorant of history. Our way of thinking is completely different to their way of thinking, but still these 'other' groups are forced to in essence 'mimic' our behavior, culture and social mores. I suspect all these non-white groups are deeply embittered against us.

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Our supremacy is not something guaranteed. It is folly to think so. There MUST be racial segregation in any medical facility.

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Nogs hate Whites and will, at best, grudgingly provide service. Zero reason that orcs should have access to vulnerable Humans. Stop this immediately! Jemima and her fellow felon factory would be in the laundry room scraping crap out of old people's undies. I personally plan to kill myself before going to one. Forget the bogus eric garner narrative, this is a legitimate horrendous "I can't breathe" story and surprise, surprise, it involves incompetent and sadistically cruel blacks aiding in the death of a white man.

This happened in Atlanta which, as we know, does not have the best demographics. Would your odds be better in a senior care facility in Vermont or South Dakota? When my step-dad's father was in his 80's and suffering from severe dementia, he was placed in a nursing home.

Detroit Black Nurses Association

One late night, he got up to "go for a walk" and "got into a fight" with the nursing home staff and fell and hit his head on the corner of a table. He died the next day. As can be expected, the true circumstances surrounding his death are shrouded in mystery but one can guess what happened. No healthcare worker that's worth a damn gets into a fight with a weak, enfeebled old man so that he "falls and hits his head on the corner of a table. As both my step-dad's parents developed dementia in their old age, I knew it would strike my step-dad as well when he became elderly and it did along with other serious medical issues.

He was terrified of going into a nursing home and begged me to never put him in one. When things got really bad, I quit work and took care of him for the last year of his life. He passed away at home in peace and safety. Fortunately, I'd spent seven years working in a healthcare setting and had sufficient training to deal with many of the issues that came up.

I also had a friend who'd worked in nursing homes for years and he gave me a lot of advice which helped quite a bit too. Other than that, one thing he told me about the nursing homes he'd worked at was that they'd leave one staff member on duty to take care of as many as 25 patients- that they loved to rake in the money but were really stingy about paying it out for proper staffing. It's what drove him to eventually quit the job. Of course, Americans are increasingly becoming prisoners of diversity.

My UWorld Review 2017! NCLEX Tips and Tricks ۞ The Black Nurse

Time for a big prison break! Such true words!!!! These fuckers have no soul.

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This man fights in a war only to die by the hands of these sociopaths 70 years later. Who was and is the real enemy? Like to thank Mr. Rational for letting readers on Vox know the site was back up last month. Been back everyday since then. My lack of commenting does not mean I'm not here daily. So a belated welcome back to PK and all of you. I missed this place.

The Story of Me a Black Nurse The Story of Me a Black Nurse
The Story of Me a Black Nurse The Story of Me a Black Nurse
The Story of Me a Black Nurse The Story of Me a Black Nurse
The Story of Me a Black Nurse The Story of Me a Black Nurse
The Story of Me a Black Nurse The Story of Me a Black Nurse
The Story of Me a Black Nurse The Story of Me a Black Nurse

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