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Roberts become something of a personality, with his picture regularly in the papers as well as being featured on postcards. In today's terms he has been labelled a 'spiritual David Beckham'. According to one historian, a cynical interpretation might label the whole episode as an early exercise in press hype. By the middle of the Revival was all but over and Roberts left Wales for a number of years. He eventually returned and died in , to be buried in his chapel, Moriah. He is acknowledged by many Christians as the first charismatic leader of the 20th century, and among his legacies is the Apostolic Church , whose founders were inspired by this great revival.

During this time socialism was getting established with the founding of trade unions and socialist societies.

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One of its first MPs, Keir Hardie , was elected in to represent Merthyr Tydfil, and this new philosophy would threaten and eventually shatter the old Liberal and Nonconformist consensus which had effectively governed Wales since the late 19th century. The Wales that emerged from the cataclysm of the First World War was a very different country from the one that experienced the fervour of the young Evan Roberts.

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The Revival

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They're setting up camp to stay for three or four months," Strader said. For everyone who has attended the revival in person, there are many more around the globe who have been watching it streamed live on the Internet. Strader began sending hundreds of e-mail dispatches about the revival during the first week, and soon after Ignited began streaming the services live on Ustream www. The site has received 1.

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  • More recently, the services have been broadcast by God TV, a small Christian network. Synan agreed that in Lakeland, the Internet has added something new to the time-honored tradition of revivals. It sounds like a new feature," he said. Most last about a week or two. As a rule, they are designed to renew the dedication of the already-faithful and to convert nonbelievers through stirring music and fiery preaching that focuses on the eternal destination of sinners - salvation for believers, damnation for the rest.

    The Azusa Street revival in Los Angeles in that is credited as the birth of the modern Pentecostal movement, however, was the prototype for Pentecostal revivals to follow, including the Florida Outpouring. Its focus was on an immediate, here-and-now encounter with God through ecstatic worship and signs that God, through the Holy Spirit, is present. Those signs include the "gifts" from God, say Pentecostals, of supernatural healing and declarations considered prophetic or predictive of the future.

    Florida Outpouring: Internet Draws Thousands to Lakeland Revival - News - The Ledger - Lakeland, FL

    In frontier America, this very emotional, expressive kind of worship was very common. The Pentecostals added speaking in tongues and healings," Synan said. Some Pentecostal observers are calling the Lakeland revival the "third wave," following the "Toronto Blessing" that began in January and overlapped with the Brownsville Revival that began in June at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola.

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    In both of those revivals, there were daily services for more than two years, and both featured claims of miraculous healing and prophetic messages and worship practices not usually found in most churches, such as speaking in tongues and "holy laughter," in which worship leaders and portions of the crowd are seized with long bouts of hysterical laughter. In a recent interview, Bentley said although he did not attend the Toronto revival, he has been influenced by it.

    I have a high respect for that renewal, the focus on the father heart of God. Howard-Browne, now pastor of The River at Tampa Bay, a church in Tampa, is a proponent of holy laughter, and he led 16 weeks of revival services during the following 10 months, with some weeks off. We had about 3, or 4, a night.

    Florida Outpouring: Internet Draws Thousands to Lakeland Revival

    The radio station would play the services, and that just had people laughing. People thought we were out of our minds," recalled Karl Strader.

    follow The history of the Church is full of revivals. While these potent movements of the Holy Spirit are not constrained by one location, language, or cultural identity, there are consistencies that help us understand the climate and spiritual posture in which God works at an accelerated pace.

    The Great Revival

    This challenging book will undoubtedly inspire you, and might even shock you. Press in, and allow the Spirit to excite you toward another awakening no matter what it looks like. God still speaks through these past waves of power.

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    The Next Big Revival The Next Big Revival
    The Next Big Revival The Next Big Revival
    The Next Big Revival The Next Big Revival
    The Next Big Revival The Next Big Revival
    The Next Big Revival The Next Big Revival
    The Next Big Revival The Next Big Revival
    The Next Big Revival The Next Big Revival
    The Next Big Revival The Next Big Revival
    The Next Big Revival

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