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Kelly, Edward (Ned) (1855–1880)

Dan had only been recently let out of prison. Fitzpatrick was probably drunk, as he had stopped at the Winton hotel to drink brandy. Dan Kelly refused to go back to the police station with Fitzpatrick, because the policeman did not have a warrant, the official document needed make an arrest. Fitzpatrick then tried to make Kate , Ned's year-old sister, sit on his knee so he could kiss her. This started a fight with members of the family and Fitzpatrick hurt his wrist. He and Ellen, Kate's mother, agreed to forget what had happened. But when Fitzpatrick went back to the Benalla police station he said Ned had shot at him three times and Ellen Kelly had hit him on the head with a shovel.

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Fitzpatrick lost his job with the police in after the head of the police force said he was a "liar". Ned and Dan Kelly were not at the house and could not be arrested.

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Skillion and Williamson were given six years in prison. In Williamson was let out of prison and given a full pardon because the government knew that he was innocent.

Ned and Dan Kelly went into hiding in the bush. They were later joined by two friends, Joe Byrne and Steve Hart. On 25 October , two groups of police set out to find the Kellys. They knew the two brothers were hiding in the Wombat Ranges, a mountain range between Greta and Mansfield. One group started south from Greta led by Senior Constable Strahan. Strahan said he would shoot the Kellys down like dogs.

A second group led by Sergeant Michael Kennedy set off from Mansfield heading north. They set up a camp at Stringybark Creek in a thick forest area. The Kellys were living in a hut nearby at Bullock Creek. They heard noises and discovered the police camp. They decided to capture the policemen and take their guns and horses.

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Ned and Dan went to the police camp and told them to surrender. Constable McIntyre put his arms up, but Lonigan got out his gun.

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Ned Kelly shot him dead. When the other two police returned to camp, McIntyre told them to surrender. When Scanlon went for his gun Kelly also shot him dead. Kennedy ran shooting from tree to tree with Kelly chasing him. Kelly shot him twice, in the armpit and in the chest. Kelly later said that Kennedy " I did not wish to leave him alone to linger out in such pain.

Ned put his gun against Kennedy's chest and shot him again. Ned Kelly went back to the camp to get Kennedy's cloak which he then placed over the body.

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McIntyre escaped during the confusion and went back to Mansfield to tell everyone what had happened. The Victorian government passed a law on 30 October , to make the Kelly gang outlaws. This meant they no longer had any legal rights and could be shot by anyone. At this time the police did not know that Hart and Byrne were members of the gang. The gang were seen at several places around north east Victoria. The police had several large groups hunting for them. They had stopped at Faithful Creek station a farm and held the people there prisoners.

They locked 22 people including farm workers, hawkers traveling salesmen and visitors into a storeroom. Joe Byrne kept guard while the rest of the gang went into Euroa. They went to the bank and said they had a message from McCauley, the farm manager. They got into the bank and held up the bank's manager Robert Scott, along with two tellers bank workers. After taking all the money, the gang forced Scott, his wife, family, maids and tellers to go with them back to Faithful Creek. They were locked up with the other hostages.

The outlaws gave a display of horse riding and tricks which entertained and surprised their hostages. After having supper, and telling the people not to leave the farm for another three hours, the gang left.

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  • The police increased the reward on the Kelly Gang. More police were sent to guard banks in the country. Friends of the Kellys were locked in gaol. They arrived in Jerilderie on Saturday 8 February They broke into the local police station and locked the two policemen, Richards and Devine, in the police cells.

    The outlaws put on police uniforms and mixed with the local people. They said that they were extra police from Sydney , who had come to guard the town from the Kelly gang. Ned Kelly took his horse to the blacksmith to get new horseshoes and told the man to send the bill to the New South Wales police force. On Monday the gang rounded up various people and forced them into the back room of the Royal Mail Hotel.

    While Dan Kelly and Steve Hart kept the hostages busy with "drinks on the house" free drinks , Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne went to the telegraph office and cut down some of the poles and cut the wires. Kelly also burned all the townspeople's mortgage deeds in the bank. When the gang left the town they were singing about two earlier bushrangers, Ben Hall and Dan Morgan : "Hurrah for the good old times of Morgan and Ben Hall.

    For the next 18 months the police were not able to find the Kelly gang.


    They punished anyone they thought might be helping the gang. More than 20 people were locked up in the Beechworth Prison for three months only because they were said to be friends of the gang. None of these people were ever charged with a crime. The government thought the Kelly gang might try and free their friends, so they put up large iron gates on the entrance to the prison.

    Months before going to Jerilderie, and with help from Joe Byrne, Ned Kelly dictated a long letter 56 pages. The letter told his story, about how he became a bushranger, and the treatment of his family by the police. It also told the story of the treatment of Irish Catholics by the police and the English and Irish Protestant farmers. He even said there might be a revolution by people in north east Victoria to set up their own republic. The " Jerilderie Letter ", as it is called, is a document of about 8, words and has become a famous piece of Australian literature.

    Kelly had written an earlier letter on 14 December , to Donald Cameron, a member of the Parliament of Victoria , but it had been ignored. The Jerilderie Letter was never published.

    The Ned Kelly Game The Ned Kelly Game
    The Ned Kelly Game The Ned Kelly Game
    The Ned Kelly Game The Ned Kelly Game
    The Ned Kelly Game The Ned Kelly Game
    The Ned Kelly Game The Ned Kelly Game
    The Ned Kelly Game The Ned Kelly Game

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