The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping

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Aelin Galathynius

She asserts that the guild does not need the money, but she wonders if Arobynn is not as wealthy as she believes and has been spending money that he does not have, or if he simply wishes to become more affluent. Sam asks if she is going to bathe or if he can go first, and Aelin storms off to take a bath.

Rolfe taunts Aelin at dinner, urging her to remove her mask so she can partake in the meal, but she refuses. When he questions her about her past, Aelin shoots back a gibe about the map tattoo, implying that Rolfe did not work for his position as she did for hers. Rolfe then tells her that the map has been immutable for the past eight years, which unnerves Aelin, and that he did have to toil and kill to earn his title.

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Once again, Rolfe remarks on her arrogance and cites Sam as an example for discretion in terms of choosing when to speak. He warns Aelin to be wary of Sam, as he could be waiting for a chance to eliminate her. Aelin snaps at Rolfe to mind his own business. Back in their room, Sam pokes fun at Aelin, who threateningly suggests that perhaps he should not sleep that night.

He asks if she really cannot tolerate teasing, to which she replies that she cannot when it involves her life.

the lilean chronicles book two the sleeping Manual

He nervously asks if he should be concerned about sleeping that night, but she laughs to herself and reassures him that he need not worry—for tonight, at least. He falls asleep, and Aelin listens to his breathing as she keeps watch. She thinks to herself that Ben would be appalled by the deal too because he was the kindest person she knew. Disgusted with the immorality of slaving and Arobynn's choice to involve her in his deal, Aelin decides to rescue the slaves. After disarming the guards of the two slave ships, disabling seven other ships, and starting a city-wide brawl, the two assassins successfully help the two hundred slaves escape and secure a contractual agreement with Rolfe, effectively ending both Arobynn's and Rolfe's involvement in the slave trade and establishing Skull's Bay as a safe haven for escaped slaves.

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Their collaboration blossoms into a tentative—if somewhat awkward—friendship between the rival assassins and they return together to face the wrath of Arobynn. Upon their return to Rifthold , Arobynn's anger is undeniably great, deadly and raging. Restraining Sam, he beats Aelin mercilessly until she loses consciousness, forcing Sam to watch.

Following her abolition of the Skull's Bay slave trade and the severe beating by Arobynn as a result, Aelin is sent to train with the Silent Assassins as further punishment. After spending two days waiting for her ship to the Red Desert, she is in a combative mood and expresses some disappointment that no one has attempted to rob her. She observes that the mysterious girl can drink quite a bit and keeps to the shadows.

When she brings dinner to the girl's table and the girl speaks to her, Yrene notes her manner of speaking, which marks her as an educated person, and remarks mentally that she is wise to eschew the stew. Aelin watches Yrene move about the White Pig, admiring her deft avoidance of the grasps of handsy customers.

While You Slept: Our Tragedy in Asia and Who Made It

Her thoughts turn to her own restlessness, as the room she rented from Nolan is foul, the town is too isolated to offer any decent entertainment, and she has already read her book more than once. Itching for a fight, Aelin sneaks into the alley behind the inn after closing only to find four mercenaries attack Yrene in the hopes of stealing her meager earnings.

After killing three of the four men, Aelin allows a shaken but grateful Yrene to treat her wounds while the young woman shares her heart-wrenching story, revealing her past as a gifted healer. Aelin gruffly questions Yrene as to why she, the daughter of a healer, is in Innish working as a barmaid; she admonishes her for not pressing on and at least being penniless in Antica near Torre Cesme instead of miserable in Innish and criticizes her for allowing herself to waste away in the awful town for the sake of a clean conscience.

When Yrene doesn't answer, Aelin asks how long it has been since her mother died and acknowledges the hardship of being a gifted healer—especially one from Fenharrow —during that time, before inquiring what she would do if she attended Torre Cesme. Yrene replies that she would return to Erilea to help those in need of healers. The barmaid tries to offer Aelin something to treat the injuries on her face, but Aelin refuses, saying that they are meant to be a reminder for herself.

Instead of leaving, Aelin—out of fear for Yrene's safety—offers to teach her to defend herself.

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Aelin coaches Yrene on the most effective self-defense moves. When Yrene murmurs that she should impart Aelin's tips to Jessa, Aelin urges Yrene to share what she has learned with any female who bothers to listen. The time for Aelin's departure nears, and she realizes that she does not want to remain in one place out of uncertainty and resignation like Yrene.

Yrene inquires whether Aelin has needed to use the self-defense moves before; Aelin admits that she has—usually as the hunter. However, they are soon interrupted by the fourth mercenary who returns with his comrades to exact revenge. When Aelin refuses to lower her weapons on threat of Yrene's death, Yrene incapacitates her attacker while Aelin quickly dispatches the others, revealing that Aelin was simply using the attack as training for Yrene. With her ship scheduled to depart in the morning, Aelin feels a tug of fate toward the healer and leaves her money and a ruby brooch in the hopes that Yrene can finally afford to travel to the southern continent to train as a healer.

Without another word, Aelin boards the ship to the Red Desert. Conceding to her punishment by Arobynn, Aelin journeys through the crimson dunes of the Red Desert to the fortress of the Silent Assassins, to train with the Mute Master and gain his approval within a month's time. Upon arrival at the fortress, her skills are tested but she is deemed worthy enough to train with the other acolytes, among them Ilias , the son of the Mute Master, and Ansel of Briarcliff , who becomes a fast friend.

Training vigorously with the other acolytes and running daily to the oasis, she aids in the defense of the fortress against the silent attack of Lord Berick 's men, scaring them off by igniting an oil-drenched ridge. Aelin is very passionate about many things, and especially so with the people whom she loves. When she cares for someone, she cares for them deeply, and has experienced enough loss in her life to never want to feel it again. Aelin's passionate nature also often extends to her interests, which include books, sweets, and music. Aelin can often be called rude or even evil, but it is obvious that she loves her homeland and her friends very much.

Aelin feels things both strongly and deeply. While she is often teasing, witty, and carefree when she is happy, Aelin's most immediate reaction when angry or sad is to channel her darker emotions into a barely-contained rage or killing calm. This gets her into trouble more often than not, such as when she is captured due to her rash actions and desire for vengeance after the murder of Sam Cortland. Even during her time as an assassin, she was meticulous in managing her appearance. She has a fixation on finery and insists on wearing fashionable clothing.

Aelin also has a strong moral compass.

Though she often tries to suppress the memories of her tumultuous past, her experiences have shaped her into the woman she is, and that is a woman who does not tolerate injustices. Aelin absolutely loathes slavery and unnecessary cruelty, as is evidenced when she allows her contracted targets to go free while acting as the King's Champion and when she freed the slaves at Skull's Bay with the help of Sam Cortland.

The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping

Aelin is described as being particularly beautiful, with long golden hair that shines in the sunlight, her hair is quite long because the healers at Doranelle , her hair has grown down to her navel. She also possesses Ashryver eyes—bright turquoise eyes with golden rings around the pupils, which serves as the major giveaway to her true identity since they are so distinctive and only run in her family. She has many scars, including those on her back which she received from whips during her time in the Salt Mines of Endovier.

All her scars later disappeared in Kingdom of Ash because of Doranelle 's healers ministrations. In Queen of Shadows, she dyed her hair red for a while as a cover to become less recognizable, fortunately, it worked. Nesryn admitted she would find Aelin earlier if her hair appeared golden. Her first form is her Fae form, and her secondary form is her human body, which acts as her animal form.

Maeve informs Aelin that she is "likely five years away from Settling". Aelin will retain her full magic, her full Fae gifts, her shifting abilities and the full extended life of the Fae, due to her great-grandmother's blood flowing through her veins. Mab's line was mentioned by Maeve to run true - so that her descendants will successfully transition into Fae when Settling.

This is the main type of magic Aelin can wield strongly She was able to manifest flame at an early age, although she had little to no control over it - as shown when she accidentally burnt a part of Orynth's Grand Library. After her extensive training at Mistward with Rowan, she now has greater control over this magic.

She can shape her fire into shields, daggers, arrows, and even a rose. She was able to set Doranelle's rivers steaming, and turn a massive wave of deadly glass shards into an extensive glass wall - to save the citizens of Rifthold. She can burn her opponent's internal organs, burning them inside out by merely breathing at them.

She was able to take out an army of ilken with her full Fire-Bringer gifts. After Kingdom of Ash she is left with only an ember of her fire magic. She is able to manipulate water - as shown when a pebble sized droplet of water was lifted when she was with Rowan in Heir of Fire, and in Empire of Storms when she spun rivulets of water within a river in Terrasen. This power can be wielded weakly, due to the dimming bloodline from it's source - her great-grandmother Mab. Water Affinity - inherited from Mab alongside her magic, Evalin tells Aelin that it reminds the bearer of their salvation, and their self-preservation.

Aelin has inherited a drop of this magic, which can be used to heal others and herself. The earliest series, originating during the middle third of that century, are heavily didactic, designed to convey moral and educational information. Many use younger children as protagonists. Rather than centering on children's adventures or travels, they describe the guilt or unhappiness caused by misbehavior, the protagonists' struggle to do right, and their eventual reconciliation with friends, family, and God - or the horrible consequences that befall those who fail to reform.

Others contain lengthy passages about geography, history, or nature with only minimal story.

The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping
The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping
The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping
The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping
The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping
The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping

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