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It provides a structure in which you can create, solve or decide at an express pace. It is the state of mind and body in which we perform at, or near to, our best. It is easily recognised in sport but is relevant to all areas of performance such as study, business and the performing arts. Speed Thinking enables you to enter your own high-performance zone at will, whenever you need to, either at work, home or study. But this simple step is often the hardest. To start any new project can be both motivating and energising. It is also the first sign of innovation. Without someone starting something, somewhere, nothing ever happens and nothing ever changes.

The aim with Speed Thinking is to just get going as quickly as you can. There is no right or wrong place to start.

About speed, tranquility and thinking

The only mistake a person can make is not starting. You can keep worrying, analysing or procrastinating or you can start.

How To Think 10X Faster Under Pressure

The important point at this stage is to continuously remind yourself that your aim is to create ideally nine different possibilities or initial thoughts. In the following stages these will be evaluated, built and then actioned. Step Two: Evaluate After a range of potential solutions have been created the next step is to do a quick evaluation.

The aim here is not to conduct a protracted and agonizing debate over the relative merits of each possibility but to simply evaluate these in two minutes. People are often amazed at how quickly they can evaluate when they are asked to do so in a short period of time.

Speed Thinking

In a blur of activity they can form a coherent rationale for evaluating certain options high or low in literally minutes. I suspect that they can do this because they are using both their left and right side of their brain. Most people only use left brain considerations e. One powerful way of evaluating is to use what i have called the passion meter. In the evaluation process, after you have created a number of options ask yourself: how passionate do I feel about option one on a scale of ?

One being indifferent, ten being-you love the idea or solution. Then repeat for option two, three etc. It is important just to score the ideas and not to rank these at this stage. In two minutes you will have sorted the options according to passion.

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Go with the highest scoring ones. Step Three: Build The third step in the Speed Thinking Cycle is to focus in on the highest evaluated option and then to try and make this initial idea or solution, nine times better. Ideas or solutions are never born perfect. They need to be built into bigger concepts. The Build step tries to realise this potential by transforming a raw idea into a workable concept. As with all the steps, if the initial highest evaluated option does not work out as expected, you can go back in the cycle to the previous step and select another thought and work for two minutes on this.

This step is most concerned with enhancing an initial thought and can be completed by an individual or with a partner. You might both do the start step individually and then complete the evaluate, build and action steps together.

Speed Thinking: How to Develop Your Skills

This process combines the magic of the individual with the strengths of working with others. The continued emphasis on speed maintains the sense of momentum and encourages participants to be more open to consider new ideas rather than slipping into a critical, judgmental role.

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It is not a clever, legal argument aimed at trapping an opponent nor is it concerned with following the rules of logic. The primary aim is to create a breakthrough idea, solve a problem or make a quality decision quickly. It makes sense therefore for the final step to be action oriented. This step is concerned with taking the workable concept or decision and bringing it to life. This step completes the loop from thought to action. It forces people to develop nine action steps they can take to bring the decision or workable concept to the market-place. The primary aim of this step is to transform a concept or potential solution into a tangible action.

It could be to develop a prototype, build a business case, conduct some market research or obtain some funding etc. The emphasis always is on action. It is a tool which mirrors the magical formula of nine responses in two minutes. Speed Links can be used to solve problems, brainstorm new ideas or solve problems.

At a Glance

I have developed over 30 different uses but no doubt there are many more. It has been tested in various different situations across many different countries and it always helps people to think better, faster. The design of Speed Links consisting of nine outer thought bubbles and nine inner ones creates a visual template which encourages people to think in a non-linear, more imaginative way. As opposed to other thinking tools e. MindMapping there is an open connecting space in the middle of Speed Links which encourages you to make deliberate and random connections between your initial thoughts.

With nine different pieces of information you can literally develop thousands of different combinations.

Remember to write in brief notations. Then select a few at random and make the initial idea nine times better around the outside circle.

Now try and connect a few of the circles at random and see what new ideas emerge. Why Speed Thinking Works 1. It Provides an intense focus We live in a short-attention span, multitask world. We all seem to be forever trying to do a number of things at once. It is a paradox but to work faster we need to concentrate on one thing at a time. You do not limit yourself. During my training programs on creative thinking I noticed that one of the biggest barriers for people was their own internal voice which constantly told them that they were not creative.

Speed Thinking provides a simple solution to your often self- limiting internal voice. Practice "thinking on your feet. Ask your "audience" to push you by posing questions and challenging your facts or ideas. Don't worry about messing up — the idea is to practice these skills in a safe environment and get more comfortable, not to act perfectly. Join a public-speaking club. Some people are afraid that they'll get flustered and lose their train of thought in situations where they have to think on their feet.

To overcome this fear, consider joining Toastmasters International, a network of public-speaking clubs that offer excellent opportunities to practice thinking on your feet and responding quickly. Strengthening your ability to think quickly takes practice — especially if you have a slower, more deliberate cognitive style. But the above suggestions can be an excellent starting point for enhancing this important skill.

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Speed Thinking Speed Thinking
Speed Thinking Speed Thinking
Speed Thinking Speed Thinking
Speed Thinking Speed Thinking
Speed Thinking Speed Thinking

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