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There are at least 22 trials have investigated acupuncture in treating migraine. The findings showed those who had acupuncture had fewer headaches. In these trials both groups had fewer headaches than before treatment, but there was no difference between the effects of these two treatments.

In 4 trials where acupuncture was compared to a proven medicinal treatment, participants receiving the acupuncture treatment reported a noticeable improvement in their condition and fewer side effects. Medical reviews suggest acupuncture for migraine holds little risk but the true clinical efficacy remains unclear despite extensive research. Whether these benefits translate across to a piercing in a pressure point location is another matter entirely.

To date no publication has interviewed a qualified acupuncturist to discuss this growing trend. Until now. In our discussion he raised a few interesting points:.

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Sub-dermal studs can be left in place, over the course of a few weeks, and would be a good way to test whether this is going to be an effective treatment for you. It is not universal, and it has not been studied formally. He also goes on to say that the correlation is based on the success for some people with acupuncture in the same region of the Daith piercing.

Cohn suggests try visiting an acupuncturist to check if targeting that area helps with your migraine attacks. If it works, then it could be worth getting the piercing. Dave Kurlander , owner of the Tempest Artistic Studio, NY performs the daith piercing for clients and is a big supporter. Hey, you win some you lose some right? And if you really like the look of a daith piercing — go for it, but realize it actually could give you a headache.

At least for a while. Whilst the evidence remains unclear, a number of anecdotal success stories have been voiced on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Is it effective? But my triggers are everything else, not enough sleep, too much sleep, bad sleep, low blood sugar, wind, cold temperatures and warm temperatures.

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Sunlight, sharp lights in general. I get a migraine just going to my mailbox if the weather is just right for it. That way, they can put it in exactly the right area. I am willing to get this piercing to see if it works so I can get rid of all these medications. They stick the needles in the same place as the piercing. There are no studies. Others say they had a headache til it healed then migraines were gone. So, honestly, I have no idea if it depends on the person, placing of piercing, or placebo. The pain from the piercing radiated into my jaw and it took over six months to heal.

Never again, no thank you. Ultimately the choice is yours. A temporary stud from an acupressure expert may be a safe way to test for the first few months with someone who can accurately position. If successful then you can switch to a more permanent solution. The last thing you need is an infected ear right on a potential migraine headache pressure point. Grab this exclusive research and see the results over the first 6 months, 12 months and after 1 year. To see the results from hundreds of migraine patients with a daith piercing.

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Carl stopped taking his health for granted at an early age due to migraine. He has had migraine for 26 years. Over this time health has become central throughout his life and work. Today, he works with charities, foundations, and organizations to help lift the global burden of migraine including Headache Australia, the Brain Foundation, the Coalition of Headache and Migraine Patients, and the European Migraine and Headache Alliance. He is a member of the International Headache Society, he acts on several advisory boards and he also is the author of MigrainePal and co-host for the Migraine World Summit.

Carl is a public and passionate patient advocate for migraine.

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He has spoken nationally and internationally about migraine and the need to increase research funding, reduce stigma, increase patient support and education. He has been featured in national TV, print and radio stations. I get mensural migraine for a solid week every month. My trigger is when I have my head at rest for a long period of time in the same position watching TV, using computer, reading, doing my job, sleeping so I do ALWAYS end up triggering during that week cause everyone has to sleep.

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Also, I can not rest or relax it away because holding my head still is a trigger so I am forced to work through it to get any relief, house work job, walking ect. I was skeptical of the piercing because the migraine is due to varying levels of hormones during my mensural cycle and not some begnine mysterious cause that other people have.

My thoughts were — why would a piercing help with my hormones? I got my piercing on day 5 of my migraine not able to deal with the pain any longer and a total fear of piercings I decided that it was worth a shot. I had my daith piercing done on the side of my migraine pain. The Piercer pinched from the bottom to the top and I told him when to stop when I felt the most pressure and relief. That is the spot he pierced. The piercing felt like a whole lot of pressure because they have to push your ear flat and a sting. Over the next hour after the pressure in my ear went down I noticed an immediate release of my migraine tension.

I attributed it to me movi g around like normal to work through the pain. So I grudgingly went to bed… And woke up with pain in my ear and no migraine! When I get a migraine or feel it coming on, the muscles in that side of my neck tighten up so much they nearly bulge. The last few days of my mensural cycle they were loose and a little sore from being stiff so long… I would recommend this piercing to anyone who is suffering migraine pain for any cause. I, too, get menstrual migraines. They sound very similar to yours….

Thanks for sharing your story Lea! Often I find a honey moon effect with new treatments. So please do let us know if whether the results continue or not after months! My 19 year old daughter has been suffering with daily headaches and migraines for 4 years stemming from 2 concussions. We have tried all kinds of medications, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, nerve blocks, cryo-freeze blocks, biofeedback, Botox, vitamins and minerals, diet- anything anyone has suggested we have tried.

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Just got one of her daiths pierced and she is actually seeing a difference, so we are back to do the other ear. I think that for sure what is good for one is not good for another, BUT why discourage this?

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Try it! Hi Kiera, fantastic result. I remain cautiously optimistic and hope that someone, somewhere does a controlled study so that we can receive recommendations. In the meantime, its up to the individual to get the best information they can and then decide for themselves. I have been suffering for migraines for many years, and I am considering getting a Daith piercing to see if it can help me get some relief.

For those who have gotten a Daith piercing, Do you believe it can help?

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Is it actually effective, or is just a hoax? Is it a hoax? This is their a gold standard of evidence to support it? Until clinical studies are conducted your answer will probably lie somewhere in between. If you read the article above it suggests a potential way to trial the daith pressure point without requiring a piercing which could have a permanent affect.

burrow40jpathome.dev3.develag.com/267.php Nikki B, Got my daith piercing 2 mos ago after a miserable day migraine. Love love love my daith piercing. One week 2 days. No headaches and no stress. Will keep you updated. Great result Michelle! I, as well as other readers, would love to hear back from you.

Pulling up Stakes and Other Piercing Stories Pulling up Stakes and Other Piercing Stories
Pulling up Stakes and Other Piercing Stories Pulling up Stakes and Other Piercing Stories
Pulling up Stakes and Other Piercing Stories Pulling up Stakes and Other Piercing Stories
Pulling up Stakes and Other Piercing Stories Pulling up Stakes and Other Piercing Stories
Pulling up Stakes and Other Piercing Stories Pulling up Stakes and Other Piercing Stories

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