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For real! All those spices and herbs are what making Padang food tastes so good and flavorful!! I'm Marvellina! I'm a home cook based in Minnesota. Browse recipes right away or read more about me. Rate The Recipe.

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These are some seriously tasty eggs. I can relate to your advice about adding the turmeric to the already processed paste…sadly should have been given it a while ago, haha. Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you Milena. Even my fingers were yellow for few days ha.. Go to Recipe. Hard-boiled eggs are briefly braised in aromatic and spicy sauce made with arrays of spices, herbs, and coconut milk. Prep Time: 15 minutes. Cook Time: 20 minutes. Total Time: 35 minutes. Written by: Marvellina. Ingredients to grind: 1 inch fresh galangal 5 Thai red chili 3 red Fresno peppers 6 shallots 4 garlic.

Fresh herbs: 4 fresh bay leaves 5 kaffir lime leaves tear the edges to release flavor 1 stalk lemongrass remove the woody end on top. Spices: 4 cloves 3 cardamom 1 tsp coriander powder. Instructions Recommended to do the day before: Place your eggs in a medium to a large pot that has a lid. Cover with cold water. Bring to a boil and then cover the lid. Remove from the heat and let them stand for 10 minutes. Drain off the water and store in the fridge unpeeled. The next day, they will be so much easier for you to peel. If you don't plan ahead, then after the eggs are boiled, submerged them in ice water bath and let them cool down and then peel.

Preparing spice paste: Place all the ingredients to grind in a food processor and process into a paste. You can chop it too for a coarse texture, it's up to you. We understand that it might be contentious for us to include the huge Padang restaurant chain Sederhana on this list, but this particular outlet is here on merit.

Putra Minang is also a testament to the fact that Padang food is usually best when taken to go and wrapped in banana leaves bungkus. The richness of the spices are locked inside the all-natural food wrap, adding a fresh, leafy aroma by the time you unwrap your meal and eat it. There are too many Putra Minang restaurants to count in the Greater Jakarta Area, but the one that is consistently great is located in Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta.

Putra Minang , Jalan Kesehatan no. Beef cubes and ox tongue almost always make up the skewers, making them chewier than other kinds of sate. The legendary Sate Padang Ajo Ramon has been serving delightful sate Padang for decades every evening out of a tent restaurant pitched right outside the popular Pasar Santa in South Jakarta. That is true of Pagi Sore, one of the most famous Padang franchises in Jakarta. If you make it here, make sure to try their martabak Indonesian omelette , which is given a Padangnese touch and is thicker — but less greasy — than regular Indonesian martabak.

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Pagi Sore , Jalan Cipete Raya no. Sari Indah , Jalan Kesehatan Raya no. In keeping with the popular Padang restaurant chains theme, few Jakartans are unfamiliar with Simpang Raya, which is found on practically every major street in the capital. Simpang Raya deserves to be on our list for one tasty reason: they are the kings of ayam pop fried skinless chicken with a spicy dip. Be warned: You may find it difficult to get a seat at this restaurant. Simpang Raya , Jalan Kramat Raya no. Garuda is a restaurant chain that originated in the North Sumatran capital of Medan and has spread throughout Indonesia, including Jakarta, for its delicious fusion of Minang and Malay cooking.

But, at its core, Garuda is still an authentic Padang restaurant chain. The most famous Garuda chain in Indonesia is located in Pondok Indah, the restaurant being a rather upscale establishment in the wealthy neighborhood. Garuda , Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda. Located inside the Benhil traditional market, one must traverse damp, dark alleyways in order to get to Bopet Mini asking around for directions is advisable. The food is as traditional as it is delicious in Bopet Mini. Rumah Makan Surya is another independent restaurant well worth your time.

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Also located on Benhil, Surya has been around for decades and the quality of its food is the main reason for its longevity. The restaurant is spacious and the tables are large, so if you want to see the iconic display of Padangnese servers perform the tricky task of juggling small plates of every single dish available at the restaurant and carry them to your table, this is an ideal place for it. If you eat here, make sure to try the gulai otak cow brain in coconut milk curry.

It definitely sounds more repulsive than it tastes, because soft brain tissue is simply heavenly when cooked Padang style.

But while there are many other Padang restaurants in the area, none enjoy the popularity that Si May has. That is because Si May holds no punches with its use of chili peppers and other spices, making this restaurant a perfect place for veteran heat seekers. This Padang restaurant is an unusual one due to the modern touches of its decor, making it feel more like a cafe for millennials than a traditional Padang restaurant. True enough, the place is usually teeming with young people, and with it, pre-eating Instagram snaps of the food.

But this place is growing in popularity in large part thanks to its food, which is mostly as delicious as other great Padang restaurants. Padang Merdeka , Jalan Lada no.

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But the renowned Marco by Chef Marco Lim is a notable exception to this theory. Whereas most Padang restaurants have set menus every day, at Marco, diners can regularly expect different Padang-influenced inventions — which obviously come at a price. The coffee at Marco, roasted in a traditionally Padang method, also reaches levels of near-perfection.

This place is famed for its rendang sapi bakar , which is rendang that has been put on the grill, giving the legendary dish a smokier flavor and producing cuts of beef that are less tough to chew. But our favorite item here is undoubtedly the gulai kepala kakap head of snapper fish cooked in spicy coconut milk curry , an acquired taste for the squeamish but an absolute fan favorite for true Padang connoisseurs. Serbaraso is located near the food haven that is Jalan Pecenongan in Central Jakarta. Serbaraso , Jalan Batu Tulis Raya no.

This list is incomplete without a place for dessert — and yes, the Padangnese can do dessert, too, contrary to popular belief.

Mini Spicy Padang Cooking Mini Spicy Padang Cooking
Mini Spicy Padang Cooking Mini Spicy Padang Cooking
Mini Spicy Padang Cooking Mini Spicy Padang Cooking
Mini Spicy Padang Cooking Mini Spicy Padang Cooking
Mini Spicy Padang Cooking Mini Spicy Padang Cooking

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