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Track Orders. Change Language. For Odd Squad enforcer vampire Nico Sanzio da Urbino, the world has narrowed down to one question: which one of his two ancient benefactors controls the local Master—and therefore must be destroyed? Handicapped by an inflexible order-to-kill the Al Like why would someone deliberately expose the existence of supernatural beings to the human world through in vitro fertilization?

Alpha Jet Gorman might once have been a reluctant leader, but when he discovers someone is willing to murder in order to hide the origins of the newest members of the pack, his protective instincts are out in full force.

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To prevent further injury to Nico Sanzio da Urbino stays busy with his Odd Squad job investigating paranormal crimes, but he's still haunted by the idea that the usurper he killed at Jet's pack meeting was familiar. As an ancient enforcer, it's always possible the werewolf was a Jet isn't certain that's not a fitting way to exit this world Two years ago the world, the world wasn't ready to learn vampires and werewolves exited—but then again, you don't always get what you hope for.

Warning: This is an erotic urban fantasy. New Orleans, Louisiana. A bank is robbed and two guards killed under the unblinking eye of a security camera that shows…not exactly nothing.

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Nestled in the forest surrounding Flagstaff, Arizona, Mountain Shadows offers residents and guests a refuge from a too-complicated world. A year ago, the isolated retreat, with its log cabins and stone lodge, could boast a convalescing new owner, on From New York to Calgary? Looking for something new to read? Trust real people, not robots, to give you book recommendations. Or sign up with an email address. But as the children grow older, Malorie must choose: venture outside and risk their horrific deaths, or remain trapped in the box forever?

Happy suburban couple Anne and Marco Conti seem to have a perfect life — but that illusion quickly shatters when their six-month-old daughter goes missing. Langdon must team up with cryptographer Sophie Neveu to figure out who did this and why — a mission that leads them down a spiraling path of religious legends and conspiracy theories come true. Another deceptively happy family features in this heart-pounding thriller. The Courtlands are vacationing in the Rocky Mountains right before their daughter Caitlin leaves for college.

While the athletic children enjoy the fresh air and mountainous terrain, the parents try desperately to fix their marriage.

Who — or what — could have taken her down? And what are the Courtlands keeping from each other? This taut novel sheds light on European sensibilities, complex family dynamics, and how far people are willing to go for those they love. The Dry is an evocative portrait of a small farming community, Kiewarra, plagued by drought… and a recent triple homicide that seems to seal its doomed fate. Astutely intertwining environmental, economic, and moral degradation, this novel will leave you haunted by how our communities not only shape us, but can destroy us too.

From the author of Tipping the Velvet comes another gorgeously atmospheric Victorian story. Sue Trinder and Maud Lilly have been raised in opposite circumstances, and when Sue is hired as a maid to defraud the wealthy lady Maud, she thinks of it as a necessary evil.

Scenes of Writing, 1750–1850

Rachel whiles away her days drinking on trains, romanticizing the lives of the picture-perfect suburbanites she passes — until one day she sees something shocking through her window. In that moment, Rachel becomes embroiled in something much bigger than herself… a scandal to which she has a closer connection than she even knows.

Lisbeth Salander is a researcher and computer hacker with a troubled past and a taste for vengeance. What starts off as a standard domestic thriller about unhappy couple Nick and Amy escalates into an unputdownable tale of love, duplicity, and media distortion.


However, the masterful prose and revolutionary plot twists of this zeitgeist-defining novel can really only be appreciated firsthand. Trust us, it holds up. What if your husband wrote you a letter containing his deepest, darkest secret, only to be opened in the event of his death… but you accidentally stumbled upon it long before then? This pressure-cooker of a novel takes place over a single weekend, closely tracking the movements of college student Chyna Shepherd as she attempts to outwit sociopathic murderer Edgler Vess.

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If she can stay one step ahead of him, his plans to kill again just might be thwarted — but all this hangs in the balance, as the two remain neck-and-neck the entire book. Seriously, if you want to be sweating bullets while you read, Intensity is for you. This installment revolves around Detective Rob Ryan: a survivor of a strange, inexplicable incident that claimed the lives of two children, and who finds himself facing an eerily similar case when a girl is found murdered in the nearby woods.

Ryan must now delve back into his past to solve the mystery of the present… but will he be able to handle what he unearths? Needless to say, his approach to this is something of a five-fingered intervention. Little Fires Everywhere is domestic for sure, if not exactly a thriller. Ng brings incisive authenticity to this gripping story of mothers and children struggling with identity and morality — a collective struggle that coalesces into incredible suspense in the final portion of the book.

In Long Man , another child goes missing, though this time under particularly dire circumstances: an impending flood. But in the middle of an argument with her husband — who wants them to leave and start over in Michigan — Gracie disappears. Will the Dodsons be able to recover her in time for all of them to make it out alive? This novel centers around Amos Decker, a football-player-turned-detective after a traumatic brain injury gave him hyperthymesia. Of course, in a story populated by just two people in a remote Colorado cabin, the suspense has to be pretty damn good.

Luckily, King delivers. Instead of one killer and multiple victims, the murder is an isolated incident — and everyone aboard the Orient Express is a suspect.

Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5) Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5)
Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5) Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5)
Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5) Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5)
Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5) Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5)
Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5) Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5)
Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5) Duplicity (Triple Threat Book 5)

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