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In an effort to provide Brownsville residents resources that may not be readily available, Dream Big is well on its way to building a center for aspiring entrepreneurs from the neighborhood. Entrepreneurs in this program will receive training, high level mentoring, and funding.


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Run by three sisters who were born and raised in Brownsville, Three Black Cats will serve as the storefront to the resource center, and is the first investment of Dream Big,. The 3 Black Cats Cafe and Cakery is not only the first business to emerge from this program, but will also be one of the only coffee shops in Brownsville. The Duchess, a budding entrepreneur herself, spoke with Rob about the program and earlier this month they visited the space that will become the coffee shop and entrepreneurial center.

The Duchess met with the women behind Three Black Cats and leaders from the Brownsville community about the challenges and opportunities of starting your own business as well as learning about the challenges of growing up in a neighborhood like Brownsville.

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Mission Statement The Dream Big Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering underserved communities through the incubation of local entrepreneurs, challenging the negative effects of gentrification and enabling success from the inside - out. How It Works. Stay in touch with our community Dream Big Feeds Being an entrepreneur will allow you to pursue your lifelong dreams and goals.

It will be an adventure like no other. Being an entrepreneur will allow you to pursue your lifelong dreams and goals. Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Dreambig Brooklyn Brownsville. Dream Big Foundation DreamBigfdtn. Great Work!

The Dream Big Foundation. Choose from any one of Disney's Dream Big Princesses, including Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel and more, then pick your character, image and inscription. Your choices will instantly create your "one-of-a-kind" poster to print, download and share.

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Who will you pick? Limit 10 redemptions per member. Already have an account? Sign In. You're only one step away from your free DMR membership. Please complete your ZIP code below and submit the form to start getting rewarded and gain access to lots of member benefits. Tuck them away and then go back to them to recall the passion and the power of your dream.

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I still go back and read letters I had written to myself in my twenties about my dream to build a business, be an author, and go on the speaking circuit. At the time they were baseless. I had the grammar of a 5th grader and I was terrified of speaking in public. But I was't going to let the pattens of my past define the limits of my future.

In fact, if I had my way I'd have every couple who gets married write a long letter to their spouse on the day they were married. The letter would outline all of the wonderful reasons why they decided to get married in the first place.

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It would list the many positive and endearing qualities of their spouse. And then they would seal those letters in an envelope to be opened when the going got really rough, when doubts and fear set in.

No, that alone is not going to save a marriage? I'm not that naive. But it would save some by reminding them of why they wanted to do this to begin with. Yes, that's easy to say, but I have been clenched in the jaws of fear, I know what it feels like to be despondent about the potential death of a dream. Colleagues and friends gave me sound advice, "Let go," "Move on," "It's not worth it.

It's supportive and caring. But it was not their dream, it was mine, and only I knew what I would be able to live with. I had 30 people on payroll to whom I had made a commitment. I was not going to walk away from them. I was not going to give up. My soul would not rest knowing that I let raw emotion and fear stand in the way. Will Smith said it best, "If you and I get on a treadmill to see who can stay on the longest I will win or I will die before I get off. Yes, the kind that dreams are built with. I sold the business. Dreamers needs each other.

One of the best ways to reinforce the value of your own dreams is to find ways to support the dreams of others. In my mentoring so much of what I do is little more than provide encouragement and support for people who have little more than an embryo of a dream, fragile and barely formed. In doing that I've realized that many times I am simply reinforcing my own conviction in my dreams. Will this ensure that they realize their dreams. Will it help them avoid the disappointment of not having tried?

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