Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core

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Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs for short, are mobile applications designed to leverage modern web features to deliver Native App-like experiences to the end user while running in the browser.

What to consider when developing mobile apps (Google Cloud Next '17)

Typically a PWA will take advantage of modern Web API's and features such as push notifications, offline caching and installability they can be 'pinned' to a user's home screen on their device. Progressive Web Apps make use of the following architectural patterns, technologies and Web APIs to provide native-like experiences:.

Unfortunately browser support is always an issue wherever technologies are concerned as demonstrated by the dismal statistics for the Web App Manifest:. As Service Workers play a huge role in driving the functionality of Progressive Web Apps the level of support offered by modern browsers, although increasing, is pretty poor. This means that only the most up to date browsers will be able to support Progressive Web Apps I. For the majority of projects and their intended audience this might not be an issue at all but legacy support is always worth bearing in mind when embarking on any cross-platform development - particularly where such support is limited.

In the previous version of Ionic PWA support was baked in and able to be activated with little effort. Since the release of Ionic 4 things are a little different thanks to its framework-agnostic approach which leaves developers able to develop their applications - at the time of writing this article anyway - from the following framework options:. What this bring-your-own-framework approach or use none at all means is that the framework of choice is responsible for most of the work with Ionic simply sitting on top of and interacting with that as a secondary layer if you will.

Here we're simply using the underlying Angular CLI tool to install the package to a project named app this is the value associated with the defaultProject key within the angular. Fortunately this can be resolved by opening the tsconfig. All should now proceed smoothly on that front! Once the package installation has been successfully completed go back to the project's tsconfig. This file "reset" needs to be implemented as we won't be able to transpile the application if the commented line was left untouched.

Definitely not good from a development perspective!

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This registers the service worker file - ngsw-worker. This file will be published to the application's www directory when a production build is generated. As these icons use the default Angular logo you will, of course, need to replace these with your own branding but for the purposes of this tutorial we'll simply continue as is.

That covers the changes so let's now create a production build we'll simply use the default Ionic project as it is and deploy that to Firebase Hosting. Now this should run smoothly without any incident but unfortunately the production build failed having thrown up the following error as of early February :. If you find yourself encountering this delightful event and until this particular bug is fixed here's how to resolve that:. Just for reference the amended section of the project's package-lock.

With these changes you should now be able to create a production build for the ionic-pwa project.

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With this simple install - should you need to follow this step - you should now find the ionic build --prod command succeeds and your newly generated www directory which contains our PWA production-ready build files is ready for hosting. Firebase hosting provides the following benefits for Ionic developers looking to host their PWAs:.

We then follow the Set up hosting wizard which guides us through the steps necessary to configure and enable Firebase Hosting for the selected project:. If you haven't already done so outside of this tutorial follow the Set up hosting wizard instructions and globally install the Firebase CLI to your desktop machine with the following command:.

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If you should encounter permission errors on a Unix based system you might need to prefix the above command with sudo. Return back to the command line and, with the Firebase CLI now installed, log into your firebase account like so:.

From within the root of the ionic-pwa project directory issue the following command to initiate a Firebase project:. In practice, however, reconciling several master data systems can present difficulties because of the dependencies that existing applications have on the master databases. As a result, more often than not the two systems do not fully merge, but remain separate, with a special reconciliation process defined that ensures consistency between the data stored in the two systems.

Learn Swift 5.1 for free.

Over time, however, as further mergers and acquisitions occur, the problem multiplies, more and more master databases appear, and data-reconciliation processes become extremely complex, and consequently unmanageable and unreliable. Because of this trend, one can find organizations with 10, 15, or even as many as separate, poorly integrated master databases, which can cause serious operational problems in the areas of customer satisfaction , operational efficiency, decision support , and regulatory compliance. Another problem concerns determining the proper degree of detail and normalization to include in the master data schema.

For example, in a federated HR environment, the enterprise may focus on storing people data as a current status, adding a few fields to identify date of hire, date of last promotion, etc. However this simplification can introduce business impacting errors into dependent systems for planning and forecasting. The stakeholders of such systems may be forced to build a parallel network of new interfaces to track onboarding of new hires, planned retirements, and divestment, which works against one of the aims of master data management.

However, master data management can suffer in its adoption within a large organization if the "single version of the truth" concept is taken to far and becomes overly restrictive. Many times different departments within a large company require different versions of a single master data element or hierarchy of elements in order to accomplish the department's objective.

For example, the product hierarchy needed to manage inventory may be and most likely will be entirely different than the product hierarchies needed to support marketing efforts or pay sales reps. A robust or agile MDM process will allow multiple versions of the truth to exist, but will provide simple, transparent ways to reconcile the necessary differences.

Without this flexibility, users that need the alternate versions will simply "go around" the official MDM processes, thus reducing the effectiveness of the company's overall MDM program. Processes commonly seen in master data management include source identification, data collection, data transformation , normalization , rule administration, error detection and correction , data consolidation, data storage , data distribution, data classification, taxonomy services, item master creation, schema mapping , product codification, data enrichment, hierarchy management, business semantics management and data governance.

The selection of entities considered for master data management depends somewhat on the nature of an organization. In the common case of commercial enterprises, master data management may apply to such entities as customer customer data integration , product product information management , employee, and vendor.

Creating Progressive Web Apps with Ionic 4

Master data management processes identify the sources from which to collect descriptions of these entities. In the course of transformation and normalization, administrators adapt descriptions to conform to standard formats and data domains, making it possible to remove duplicate instances of any entity. Such processes generally result in an organizational master data management repository, from which all requests for a certain entity instance produce the same description, irrespective of the originating sources and the requesting destination.

The tools include data networks , file systems , a data warehouse , data marts , an operational data store , data mining , data analysis , data visualization , data federation and data virtualization. One of the newest tools, virtual master data management utilizes data virtualization and a persistent metadata server to implement a multi-level automated master data management hierarchy. There are several ways in which master data may be collated and distributed to other systems. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Learn Ionic Framework with free step by step ionic tutorials

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved Simple Talk. Soulsby, 22 October Data warehouses. Fact table Early-arriving fact Measure. Dimension table Degenerate Slowly changing.

Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core
Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core
Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core
Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core
Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core
Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core
Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core
Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core
Creating Mobile Apps for Mastering the Common Core

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