Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project)

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This is serious business. It can also be said that no other artist had more impact in the lates to earlys than John Byrne. The stunning color guides from these classic issues are sure to become the centerpiece of any collection. Combine the historical significance of these books with the undeniable talent of John Byrne and you end up with a wonderful and valuable collectible as well as a solid investment.

Annotations for The Golden Age

The original color work done for these books offers a great opportunity to own a piece of the original art process of one of the greatest stories in modern comics history. Make sure to check out some of the other amazing color guides in this auction: Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Captain America, and Power Man and Iron Fist are all represented in this fascinating collection that showcases an often overlooked but crucial element of the painstaking process of creating comic books.

Click here to view all of the color guides in auction! Tagged with: x-men days of future past comic produciton. ComicConnect never wants to disappoint a client and our consigners certainly surprised us with the comics and original comic art added after the deadline passed. One of our favorite late additions is the Jack Kirby cover to Mister Miracle Some truly incredible comics were submitted too.

Tagged with: amazing fantasy 15 spider-man batman 1 batman key issues goldenage silverage original comic art. It's Begins! Collectors and investors - you may now bid on 1, lots in Event Auction The auction started today at noon. Best of luck to all our participating bidders and consignors.

Download the free catalog here. Every Centaur Comic The complete Centaur collection is the big headliner in the auction. Every incredibly rare and highly sought-after comic from the publisher will be in this auction. Silver Age Highlights Showcase 4 7. Tagged with: action comics superman spiderman centaur comics golden age comics silver age comics original comic art comicconnect metropolis collectibles showcase 4.

The January Monthly Auction ends this week! Winners pay the hammer price plus shipping and sales tax only if they live in the State of NY. Tagged with: spiderman braveandthebold justice league comicconnect auciton. Action Comics 10 CGC 3. The Joel Shuster illustration on this cover is a classic of simplicity and dynamism and has eye appeal above its grade. It is important to note that this is only the third appearance of Superman on the cover of a comic and that there are just fourteen copies of this incredibly rare issue that have been certified unrestored by CGC.

We almost never see the book on the marketplace let alone at auction - you can throw away the guide on this one! Also of note, this is only the third time that we have offered an unrestored example of this highly desirable and truly scarce tenth issue.


Out of Superman's first three cover appearances, Action 10 has the fewest unrestored copies certified by CGC with a mere fifteen issues. With over forty unrestored copies of the mega key Action 1 and twenty-seven issues of Action 7, it's no surprise that Action 10 surfaces far less often. This issue is special in terms of it's significance as well as it's scarcity, and has a great pre-World War II cover with Superman destroying an enemy plane with one mighty punch!

Serious Superman collectors already know how tough this early issue is. It should be noted, that an opportunity to acquire such a scarce and desirable issue like this one does not present itself often. Overstreet Guide VG- 3. This policy was instituted to protect consignors and bidders against bids from fraudulent accounts, and to ensure the integrity of the bidding process. Once approved, please log out of your account and then log in, for the approval to take effect.

We realize many of you would like to bid on this auction lot, so for this listing, ComicConnect. Time Payments invoices can only be paid by cash, check, money order or wire transfer. Tagged with: actioncomics1 action comics superman comicconnect auction golden age comics wwii world war 2 war time comic books. The book picked up readers, popularity, and buzz, gradually gaining a cult following.

With the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series alongside the announcement of the TV series, the book is a smash with merchandising eclipsing all modern titles.

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Collectors are ravenous for original art, memorabilia, and high-grade copies of the series along with the rare reprints and special editions that nearly every issue is replete with. Original art collectors can pick up a Tony Moore splash page from issue 1, a Tony Moore interior page from 3, the Charlie Adlard splash from issue 39 and can choose from over original art lots. In addition to the incredible selection of art, we are proud to present signature series copies, variants galore, sketch covers, highest-graded copies, and rarities of all kind.

Walker-love is global, and collectors are eager to snatch up rare items as new generations compete in the hunt for living dead treasures. While the now iconic television series has enthralled millions, its origins began in illustration.

While comic books can be quite cinematic in structure, adapting them to the screen still proves problematic for many films and tv series. For instance, certain elements that worked great for the comic, might read differently to a television audience. This collection of production art is a rare opportunity to own official Walking Dead artwork from the talented John Watkiss, featuring alternative concepts of previously known characters and scenes from the comics and new ones made only for the TV show.

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John Watkiss was a British artist, known for his painting and his work in comics and film production. His career led him from cover artist for graphic novels to storyboard artist and character designer.

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The artist has collaborated with numerous high profile studios on projects including Tarzan, Atlantis, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Sherlock Holmes. Click here to view the entire Event Auction! Tagged with: walkingdead tony moore charlie adlard splash page cover art rick grimes. In this case, if a decade of Peter and Mary Jane being married became tiresome, that was the fault of the writers for not making it interesting. There are a few shortcomings to this position, which can sometimes be used for veiled and sometimes not so veiled personal attacks.

This can only be interpreted as a personal or professional insult against the writer, implying that every professional who prefers Peter Parker to be single is either untalented or socially retarded. There are other insulting claims against professionals who disagreed with a few fans regarding the direction of the series, such as the suggestion that the writers, readers and editors who want Peter Parker to be single wish to live vicariously through him.

Some have argued that most of the opponents of the marriage lack a respect for the institution, though if word of that got out, it might result in Joe Quesada getting smacked by his wife.

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The general rule is that what is best in a work of fiction is not necessarily what we would prefer in real life. The difficulties continue for Dan Slott and Chris Yost. I admit I grew to like the idea of a break-up while he was EIC, but that was when I realized that it could be done without a divorce or the death of a beloved character, both of which I found to be unacceptable alternatives.

As some of the best stories with the marriage have come after Straczynski reunited the couple, I would imagine that such an order was ignored. Good writers would tell good stories with the marriage, and have done so in the past. The relevant questions are whether good writers would be able to tell better stories if Peter Parker were not married to Mary Jane and whether the benefits of keeping the marriage surpass the benefits of getting rid of it. Many of the problems with the marriage have nothing to do with the quality of the writers.

As Peter Parker has a supportive wife, any attempt to shake up the status quo or move the series into a new direction will need to affect her too, which will cause events to be more extreme and add up fairly obviously.

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There are less private conflicts available than there are for a single Spider-Man. In addition, if there are so few good writers out there, it would be selfish and bad business sense to put them all on Spider-Man titles. Surely other series need their talents more.

They should tell better work, and more of it, if given more storytelling possibilities.

Stream the best stories.

Some options close more doors than they open. The marriage was an example. Nor is it against his character to get married. Previous entries were predicated on the assumption that there should be a central Marvel Universe, even if there were going to be some titles on the outside. If the traditional Marvel Universe were to come to an end, every title can be taken in radically different directions. This way, writers will be free to do whatever they want, and readers can pick which status quo they prefer.

Side Refine Panel

Theoretically, this gives all the fans exactly what they want, and the creators absolute freedom. Assuming each title is set in its own world, it also loses the shared universe aspect that helps make the Marvel Universe so interesting. And if all the books are set in the same universe, the majority of the series become glorified untold tales. Marvel briefly took this approach with the all-ages titles, before opting to go in a different direction.

While there would likely be some excellent and accessible results, events in the books will just seem less significant than in the shared Marvel Universe, if you know later writers might address a situation with an entirely different outcome. Knowing that things are better for the characters in one book limits the drama in another. Ultimately, fragmenting the Marvel Universe the books limits the emotional investment in any of the universes, or in any but the one book a particular reader prefers.

The understanding of how wildly different the portrayals of characters can be serves as a reminder of the artificiality of it all, more significantly than if the fan reads an interview explaining the illusion of change within the Marvel Universe. The writers and artists are free to reference the past and add to an intricate tapestry.

We have the one main Marvel Universe because it works so much better than the alternative. If the unspoken assumption of previous entries was that there should be a shared Marvel Universe, the unspoken assumption of this entry was that the status quo matters. Which sets up the next question: What if the problem is with the writers, rather than the material? With any comic books set in the movie and television universes, savvy readers are aware that nothing of consequence will happen.

The best the writers can hope for is that one of their stories is so good and popular that it gets adapted into an episode of the TV show, as the acclaimed Mad Love one-shot was turned into an episode of the Batman animated series. In the regular Marvel Universe, you have more of a guarantee that the characters will continue having adventures for a long time. Sony and Disney have moved on, and newcomers are prone to be confused. The stories have to fit in the old framework of the past of the real Marvel Universe, which suggests that nothing important can happen. The dramatic irony strategy requires a reader to be familiar with the older material. Low sales on a few earlier critically acclaimed projects set in the past might scare away some readers, unwilling to invest in a book more likely than not to be a sales failure, and thus less likely to lead to interesting future stories.

Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project) Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project)
Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project) Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project)
Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project) Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project)
Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project) Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project)
Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project) Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project)
Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project) Amazing-Man Comics #13 (Illustrated) (Golden Age Preservation Project)

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